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REVIEW HoloAudio KTE May DAC by Michael Lavorgna

Over three years of R&D went into producing the Holo Audio May DAC, which comes in three performance/price levels. The KTE (Kitsune Tuned Edition) version is the flagship. he Holo Audio KTE May DAC ($4998) includes hand selected modules, KTE exclusive Caps, HoloAudio Caps, DAC Module exclusive cover/shields, Silver wiring, Red Nano Fuse and many […]

REVIEW Kitsune Holo Audio KTE May DAC by David Abramson

In sum and substance, the Holo Audio KTE May is exceedingly well-built, well-engineered and solid, offers multiple digital modes to slightly ‘shape’ the sound to your taste (I preferred the seemingly more tonally ‘natural’ NOS mode), has a brilliantly capable USB input which obviates the need for re-clockers and sundry digital boxes, and sounds positively […]

Review Holo Audio MAY KTE by Stereophile

In sum As the digital anchor in my ever-changing audio systems, the HoloAudio May DAC (Level 3 KTE) exhibited a force and gravity that exceeded even the mighty Mytek Manhattan II. It demonstrated a natural quietness that exceeded my former reference for natural quiet, the HoloAudio Spring. It exhibited a unique type of understated liveliness that exceeded the Yggdrasil and Chord Qutest. […]

AUDIO-GD Vacuum HE1 XLR Tube Preamplifier REVIEW

GLENN YOUNG: The Audio-gd Vacuum HE1 XLR preamplifier arrived at my door with the highest expectations ever for a review item. Having previously reviewed the company’s solid-state HE-1 Preamplifier, and finding it to be world-class, I was looking forward to finding out what the company could do with a tube product. To say that the […]


GLENN YOUNG: The Audio-gd HE-1 preamplifier is one of the three best preamplifiers I’ve ever heard. It creates an acoustic space like no other component. Despite the spatial goodness, the HE-1 avoids coloring the sound. Not to be missed! Read the full review

HFA REVIEW Audio GD R8 DAC, Master 1 preamp, Master 3 power amp, and Magna Hifi ACSS cables

This pre-power pair also offers extremely good value for money, delivering a combination of transparency, neutrality, and even-handedness that is normally impossible in this price class. I think you can easily spend double the amount and not get better sound. But the most amazing aspect of all is perhaps the further increase in performance when […]

Magna Hifi

We are excited to announce that the HoloAudio Spring3 is available with optional preamp module now!