Consignment Sales

For customers who choose for a device upgrade or sale of their equipment we offer our “consignment” sale service This means that we sell the device for you including all required
You profit from our large Magna network and reputation in the market, improving your chances of sale.
All additional communication involved in selling a high quality product is included, such as answering technical questions, negotiation, trade-in, etc.

You just need a little patience. We settle the amount agreed in advance with your new purchase.

We sell your device including the necessary maintenance and 6 months to 2 years warranty, depending on age and type of product No worries for you.

Our customers have known us for years and expect a solid device with a solid guarantee from us, which you as a private seller cannot provide Your device will get a place on our website with photos and description to generate a higher sales opportunity

Terms and conditions consignment sale

We evaluate the device together with you to determine what a real selling price is.

If the device is not sold yet, and you want to return to the sale and take the device back, you can. You will then have to pay for the repairs and / or maintenance performed by us, as well as shipping costsYou cannot withdraw a device that is already under sale, on view or under option.

We will never reduce the agreed amount without your permission or consultation.

Our sales brokerage margin including warranty, maintenance and/or repair, transaction costs and shipping to buyer, will be a percentage of the total selling with a minimum of €150 or 12% of the total sale.