DEMO: Audio-GD – Vacuum Valve HE1 – Balanced Regenerative PSU Tube Preamplifier


  • New tubes installed!
  • Original packaging
  • Aluminium Remote included
  • Blue Display version

This tube preamplifier design is unique. Its sound is pure not only because of the regenerative power supply but also due to its thought out design. The preamplifier is designed around vacuum valves, resistors and SOLEN film capacitors. That’s it! No concessions or compromises. Only the best is good enough.

The Vacuum HE1 tube preamplifier can be ordered as single ended unit or as balanced preamplifier. The tube preamplifier is equipped with an analog regenerative power supply. The regenerative power supply is designed with analog technology to get the purest analog and neutral sound quality. Analogue design is however less efficient than the digital versions. Therefore, we do not recommend to leave the unit on when not in use.

NO built-in power regulators; NO built-in choking coil or electrolytic capacitors.

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