Xanadu – HRS17 Ceramics AMT


The Xanadu HRS17 Ceramics AMT (KA) is the latest generation (4-2016) HRS17 in the top segment. Within a modestly sized housed a full four-way system. As with large Xanadu models here used the gorgeous ceramic midrange combined with Air Motion Transformers for the high.

Also at the rear is a tweeter mounted the same spectrum displays as the front AMT (tweeter) but weakened its own x-over and about 12dB. The woofer is a known from the Xanadu 17 series and has properties which fit perfectly with the midrange. As often mentioned by us, mass is the enemy of good representation. The woofer diaphragm has a large but low mass and are able to make large linear results to what is necessary for the foundation and natural dynamics.


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