Singxer – SU-2 MagnaFied with SOtM sCLK-EX Clock Upgrade (DSD1024)


Singxer SU-2 Combined with SOtM sCLK Clock board modification by Magna Hifi

High-performance USB digital audio interface, using the latest XMOS family and Xilinx high-performance CPLD / FPGA chip. All internal Singxer clocks are replaced by the SOtM sCLK-EX extreme high performance clock board to achieve ultimate audio signal quality. Digital input interface using a standard USB2.0 interface. Several output interfaces are available on this converter, including coaxial a 10Mhz Master Clock input and additional clock outputs.

It works as a hub by receiving and distributing USB audio signals, but regenerating the USB AUDIO signal by the high-performance super clock module, sCLK-EX, installed inside the Singxer SU-2. The mid-low range sounds very deep, detailed and earnest, the high range sounds not distract but extremely delicate and open, and especially the very low range gives you transparency you have never heard before and gets you very natural and solid texture of performance.

External Power Suppy Required (9V / 12V DC)

NOTE: The standard power supply is replaced by a 9V or 12V DC INPUT (SOtM Form Factor). Can be powered by a SOtM SPS-500 or e.g. LPS Power Supply.

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