Fuse Quantum Science Audio Blue (5x20mm)

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We havd 800mAT and 2.0AT and 2,5AT usually in stock.

Quantum Science Audio is the undisputed heavyweights in the audiophile fuse space. With more than 22 years of research into what they call ‘Bottle Neck Distortion’, QSA products can enhance your enjoyment of your system in a way that is remarkable for such a small component, until recently considered irrelevant by many in the industry. Since all current that enters a power cable or component in your system must pass through the fuse before it proceeds, the quality- or lack thereof- of the fuse can make a drastic difference to your system’s performance. QSA fuses aim to reduce the negative effects of what QSA describe as ‘bottlenecking’, which can help your system perform to its full potential.

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