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Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for... View

I have waited two weeks before send you some feedback of the recent purchased Mano Ultra mk3 since I wanted to run extensive tests in my system.
I am extremely satisfied by the performance of the Mano.
First of all RopieeXL software is a breeze to the set up in Roon.
I have compared Mano with the Bluesound Node 2i (modified with PD creative interface) powered by the same Farad S3 LPS and with Farad Level 2 silver DC cable
The improvement is really huge: in few words I would say the Mano mk3 sounds gently and musical albeit extremely resolving.

Audio-GD R7HE MK2 flagship DAC is a fully discrete R-2R ladder Digital... View

I've been listening to this DAC for a few months now and it continues to amaze me and above all it continues to fascinate me. I've had many DACs but this is by far the best I've ever owned.

Bliss Headphone Amp  The HoloAudio Bliss KTE is here! This has taken... View

Simply amazing headphone amplifier. Soundstage is just incredible and the sound is very authoritative. If Superman was a headphone amplifier, it would be Bliss. Powerful, refined and perfect.

Singxer, SA1 is a full balance class A headphone Amplifier and preamplifier.... View

Wat een fijne versterker, muisstil, zwarte achtergrond. Super veel details, erg mooie plaatsing van instrumenten en artiesten. Superstrakke basweergave. Speel met een Meze 109 pro hoofdtelefoon. Had hiervoor een creek obh21 hoofdtelefoon versterker maar dit is zo een grote sprong voorwaarts dat heb ik niet durven dromen. Vragen werden snel serieus en eerlijk beantwoord.
Kortom heel tevreden.

Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for... View

Got my new streamer today and wow what a difference. My system has never sounded this good before. Using i2s connection to my gustard r26 dac, and it sounds amazing. New details, depths, dynamic range and a lowered noise floor. Enjoying registering and discovering new musical facets in music that I am very familiar with.

The R-27RE Audio-GD version is a discrete balanced R2-2R ladder DAC with... View

I have listen the R27-RE in my system! Beautiful, very high performance. Super machine!
Davide M.

The Pink Faun LAN isolator provides galvanic isolation between the device that... View

Das Gerät ist fantastisch. Erst jetzt erkennt man wahrhaftige Instrumente, die Bässe spielen nuancierter man hört jedes Detail und eine gewisse Magie verbreitet sich im Raum. Die LAN Aufbereitung spielt eine grosse Rolle

Bliss Headphone Amp  The HoloAudio Bliss KTE is here! This has taken... View

I just wanted to report back that the Bliss sounds fantastic! 😊

It sounded quite nice directly out of the box, but a bit rough. After
only 10 hours of burn-in things started to happen and the soundstage
opened up and the amp has great dynamics. Now after 48 hours of burn-in
it already sounds great and are improving by the hour.

It works nicely with any DAC you pair it with, but it really shines when
combined with the May DAC. My Hifiman Arya Stealth Magnet headphones
just sounds beautiful with the Bliss/may combination.

Bliss is simply the best solid state headphone amp I've listened to!

There is only one small complaint and that is that the display color is
slightly different than the May and Serene. It's more light blue than
the more white display of the May and Serene which also is a bit
brighter. The copper buttons is also slightly different in color on the

I just love HoloAudio stuff and now I'm eagerly waiting to test the
HoloAudio Red.
Goran N.

There are many ways to connect devices and speakers together but only... View

what a great website!!! this help me so much!!! thank u so much!
Aubrey Coberly

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

I had limited time to listen to my new DAC even though I can tell that this is marvel! I wouldn't think that it can improve all aspects of how the overall system sounds, but yet it does! Amazing, really.

The temperature of the device in the top right side of the chassis the temperature is a bit high, maybe 50 C. This is not a problem according to Magna Hifi

The new Purple Fuse surpasses the Orange Fuse with its impossible combination... View

Utilisateur de fusible SR bleue orange et maintenant violet, sais une grande avancée pour dynamique precision ouverture sonore et une clarté et aeration spectaculaire. La science quantique au service de la vraie musique naturel et un upgrade au prix rapport qualité superbe. Meme sur des electroniques au prix d entrée de gamme haute. Le bon quantitatif et surprenant. A essayer au plus vite fortement recommander

Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for... View

The streamer is exceptional and if the purchased through a normal dealer network would cost a lot more.
The only reason i have not given 5 stars is because there is no WiFi possibility. I am however extremely happy with the sound quality of this device. The sound quality exceeds my expectations.
Joel N

AUDIO-GD DI-20 HE VERSION with integrated Regenerative Power Supply. USB digital audio... View

A substantial improvement was felt after the first 24 hours of continuous operation. The bass area has improved and the detail here is already much bigger and deeper.
Now it's probably close to 100 hours of burn-in and I can judge at its true value.
The improvement has exceeded my expectations. Not in the "small" area, on the contrary ! It's so big

Audio-GD R28 mk2  Balanced pre- & headphone amplifier with discrete R-2R digital... View

It is outstanding DAC. Sound quality is amazing. I use model of 2022 as DAC/preamp with Nelson Pass's amplifier Aleph J connected via XLR output.
I also satisfied with service of Magna Hifi.
Valeri V.

Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for... View

After the mano ultra, holo audio spring level 2 kte, I just switched to the new mk3 farad, what happiness. You don't change a winning team, I will definitely buy from them again! Strongly recommend. A more than satisfied audiophile.

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

I bought the HoloAudio Spring 3 DAC KTE and I usually write no product ratings! Yet, credit where credit is due. The FPGA driven R2R Spring 3 KTE DAC won't need more praise. "Hearing is believing". Built like a tank, with absolutely outstanding sound quality. In my opinion and this price class, nothing comes close. Jos is a joy to deal with - making the purchase a truly worthwhile experience! Shipping was swift and I could not be more happy with my new DAC.

Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for... View

Well received the Mano ULTRA mk3 which is marvelous! The sound is sublime.

I will see that with the listening time of the mano

Mano Ultra mk3 Farad Musik-Streamer ist der ultimative Streaming-Endpunkt für Ihren High-End-DAC.... View

First of all I used the software Volumio, I didn't like the handling and the software at all. I finally switched to LMS and I'm very happy about that.

Now to the streamer itself, I'll start at the back: I'm currently looking and listening through the entire music library with great pleasure and listening through. Fast precision sophistication is what defines this streamer.
Previously I also listened with a Bluesound Node N130, the software connected there was fantastic, the reason why I will not sell this streamer either.

When I wrapped it around the Mano, I first noticed that it sounded cool and strongly analytical, suddenly so little musical. This feeling has subsided in the meantime, I got even more ideas to raise my system to a great level with this streamer, now the character of the previously connected devices is really clear. He also plays extremely musically now and I'm discovering completely new musical genres for myself. I love it and knew it would be a good buy.

Great work, keep it up!
Jos Schellevis

Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for... View

Fünf von Fünf Sternen
Zu allererste habe ich die Software Volumio genutzt, diese gefiel mir in Handhabung und Software gar nicht. Ich bin Schlussendlich auf LMS umgestiegen darüber bin ich sehr glücklich.

Nun zum Streamer selbst, ich fange von hinten an: aktuell Blicke und höre ich mit größten Vergnügen durch die gesamte Musikbibliothek und höre mich durch. Schnelle Präzision Raffinesse ist es was diesen Streamer ausmacht.
Zuvor hörte ich ebenso mit einem Bluesound Node N130, die dort angebundene Software war fantastisch der Grund warum ich diesen Streamer auch nicht verkaufen werde.

Als ich diesen umgeschlossen habe auf den Mano fiel mir zuerst auf dass es kühl und stark analytisch klang, aufeinmal so wenig musikalisch. Dieses Gefühl hat sich inzwischen gelegt, ich habe noch mehr Ideen bekommen meine Anlage auf ein grosses Level zu heben durch diesen Streamer jetzt wird richtig der Charakter der zuvor angeschlossenen Geräte deutlich. Er spielt jetzt auch äußerst Musikalisch und ich entdecke völlig neue Muskalische Genres für mich. Ich liebe ihn und wusste er wird ein guter Kauf sein.

Tolle Arbeit, weiter so!
FARAD - Super3 Power Supply
FARAD - Super3 Power Supply November 5, 2022

The Farad Super3 Power Supply is a double regulated 3A super capacitor... View

Last week I bought a Farad Super3. It's a 12V version to use with my Nuc7i5dnke running Euphony. Before the Farad I used a new version HDplex 200w. There really is no comparison. The Farad is superb! Much more grip and ease, it's dead quit, much more details and beautiful decays, etc, etc...
Schönsee - Germany