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There are many ways to connect devices and speakers together but only... View

what a great website!!! this help me so much!!! thank u so much!
Aubrey Coberly

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

I had limited time to listen to my new DAC even though I can tell that this is marvel! I wouldn't think that it can improve all aspects of how the overall system sounds, but yet it does! Amazing, really.

The temperature of the device in the top right side of the chassis the temperature is a bit high, maybe 50 C. This is not a problem according to Magna Hifi

The new Purple Fuse surpasses the Orange Fuse with its impossible combination... View

Utilisateur de fusible SR bleue orange et maintenant violet, sais une grande avancée pour dynamique precision ouverture sonore et une clarté et aeration spectaculaire. La science quantique au service de la vraie musique naturel et un upgrade au prix rapport qualité superbe. Meme sur des electroniques au prix d entrée de gamme haute. Le bon quantitatif et surprenant. A essayer au plus vite fortement recommander

AUDIO-GD DI-20 HE VERSION with integrated Regenerative Power Supply. USB digital audio... View

A substantial improvement was felt after the first 24 hours of continuous operation. The bass area has improved and the detail here is already much bigger and deeper.
Now it's probably close to 100 hours of burn-in and I can judge at its true value.
The improvement has exceeded my expectations. Not in the "small" area, on the contrary ! It's so big

Audio-GD R28 mk2  Balanced pre- & headphone amplifier with discrete R-2R digital... View

It is outstanding DAC. Sound quality is amazing. I use model of 2022 as DAC/preamp with Nelson Pass's amplifier Aleph J connected via XLR output.
I also satisfied with service of Magna Hifi.
Valeri V.

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

I bought the HoloAudio Spring 3 DAC KTE and I usually write no product ratings! Yet, credit where credit is due. The FPGA driven R2R Spring 3 KTE DAC won't need more praise. "Hearing is believing". Built like a tank, with absolutely outstanding sound quality. In my opinion and this price class, nothing comes close. Jos is a joy to deal with - making the purchase a truly worthwhile experience! Shipping was swift and I could not be more happy with my new DAC.

This is the fourth generation of the mini-i series from Matrix Audio.... View

I listened with Bluetooth for the first few weeks, but this was clearly less than I was used to through my Modified Marantz KI Pearl CD player.
I now use Roon with the NUC 10 Intel i5 and that makes a world of difference!
In the direct comparison with CD v/s streaming I hear no difference whatsoever,
Considering price / quality, the Matrix is very good and recommended for anyone who does not want or can spend more. In short, I am very satisfied with it.
H.A.J. de Goede

May Dac = 'The possibility of.' The May DAC is here! over... View

The main things for me are how well integrated the full range of frequencies are and how relaxing it is to listen to. I can spot more texture here, a bit more detail there and slightly more information on how the musicians are playing around with the tempo there, but that’s not what I’m most impressed by. It’s the music as a whole that is much improved, with less effort needed to make sense of what I’m hearing.

Great sound by your side Although element i2 is the entry-level model... View

I have the Matrix element i2, only for a few days. My first impression, ease of use excellent audio quality.
M. Venezia

MATRIX ELEMENT H USB 3.0 Controller PCIe Femtoclock Crystek The Element H... View

We have been comparing 1 on 1 tests with the SoTM SOtM - tX-USBexp PCI express card that I now use in our listening group. After a few hours of playing, the Matrix is already a bit better than the Sotm card. The Matrix gives a little more black and especially the detail in the extinction of sound is a more beautiful.

XLR Cables are easily one of the most important pieces of any studio or... View

After testing multiple xlr cables surprisingly the m-way ones delivered what i was looking for. Natural sounding instruments and great staging! In my older setup the m-way acss did not win. But in linking my holo audio dac3-2 to Master10 amp these cables bring magic! No brainer. Invest in the right cables adds easy extra to your system. Service excellent as always by the guys at magna…
Bas de Vos

This carefully reviewed network port, sNI-1G, provides a complete transmission of network... View

I have installed the sNI-1G network card and it worked right away. Works perfectly.
I have an audio network 4-way switch and an audiophile Lan cable.
But the sNI-1G still brings something, unbelievable.

See also the renewed Mano ULTRA MK3 version with FARAD Super3 PSU!... View

Jos and Rob are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The Mano Ultra MkII is an outstanding streamer. Build and sound quality is superb, stability and reliability are excellent also in wifi mode, and the ability to stream in maximum resolution - in addition to Spotify, Qobuz and other services - also Pandora is quite unique. Not enough words to express my satisfaction with Mano and the guys at Magna HiFi.

SDA6 PRO is a high-performance DAC developed by our Singxer team. It... View

I have owned a SINGXER - DAC - SDA 6 PRO for 3 months and after 20 hours of warm up, it played great. and this piece of gear has been a tremendous change on my system . After that, I have to raise the level of the vinyl player (buying a new one) in order to somehow catch up with the level of sound that SINGXER produces. And I don't see it as a problem. Congratulations to the MAGNA HiFi team.
Excellent service. High level of product knowledge, good communication, fast shipping, perfect package protection and top tracking information

Audio-GD - Master 19 Solid State Discrete Balanced Preamplifier True balanced discrete... View

My system is improved by adding the Master 19 preamp between the Audio-gd DAC r2r7 and my new poweramp. The poweramp sounded already good directly connected to the DAC but the Master 19 improves the soundstage and bottom end very much. With some recordings I'm hearing things that I never heard before, including very expensive setups at audio shows.
At the same time I have aquired one of the best headphone amps in this price range. Thanks Jos and Rob: I'm keeping this one!
Peter van M.

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

I was cautious at first as i was buying from outside the uk. I contacted magna hifi many times with questions on how paying the vat and shipping the item would be done. Jos always answered my questions very quickly and was very helpful. Delivery was a very easy process and the item was packaged very well. It is refreshing to do business with a company that takes pride in what they do!

Low budget high performance NOS (Non Oversampling) R2R DAC equipped with pre-... View

I recently bought a Audio-GD – R2R-11 mk2 from you. I really really like it, it sounds fantastic!

May Dac = 'The possibility of.' The May DAC is here! over... View

I've been wanting a Holo Audio May dac for a few years now. This time it worked. My regular point of contact at Magna first sold my dac quickly and for a fair price. Because there was some delivery time on the Holo, I got a loan dac available. The ordered Holo May kt still arrived surprisingly quickly. It is now really enjoyable, partly due to the very pleasant service of Magna Hifi. Basically like I've always been used to. Really a very nice company. So recommended again!!
M.N. van der Laan

AUDIO-GD DI-20 HE VERSION with integrated Regenerative Power Supply. USB digital audio... View

Good product the Audio-GD DI20HE, is a very good DDC and a good improvement over the Singxer SU6.
Pedro Nunes

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

I'm very happy with my purchase, a HoloAudio – Spring 3 DAC KTE Kitsune (R2R – DSD1024). The DAC sounds just great and is very well built. The delivery also went smoothly and as planned. Magna Hifi personnel were very quick and helpful in responding to all of my questions. Their service is excellent. I will surely buy gear again from them. (Trustpilot review)