Audio-GD – Master 9P – Dual mono balanced integrated power amplifier & headamp


Audio-GD Master 9PN (Neutral edition), is an integrated amplifier with powerful 2x 70 Watt output @ 8 Ohm speaker output and 2x 14 Watt @ 40 Ohm to drive most headphones without any problem.

The Master 9P has a dual mono, balanced design with gain stages and pre-driver stages in Class-A. Discrete analogue stages without opamps or coupling capacitors as always the case with Audio-GD. The output transistor stages have excellent linear characteristics. It sounds like a class-A amp should sound without the ill effect of the excessive heat. The Master 9P becomes hand warm.

Power Supply is heavy and oversized with a  capacitance over 100,000 uF, with two circle core in total 600W power Two gain modes with 100 steps exponent character volume control , high gain has 34DB, low gain has 20DB

Inputs: RCA X2, XLR X2, ACSS X1
Speaker output stereo pair
Headphone amp output: 1x 4-PIN XLR / 2x 3-PIN XLR / 1x 6.3mm Jack
Headphone output options have selectable neutral and vacuum valve sound option

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