Review Review Matrix Audio X-Sabre 3 (

Review Review Matrix Audio X-Sabre 3 (


The only downside that we can think of with this X-Sabre 3 is that the small screen is a curious choice. However, if you are fully streaming via Roon or other apps, you will probably still use a mobile device to select music and view album art. So in many situations, a small screen is probably not a disaster after all. Incidentally, we think the other industrial design choices of Matrix Audio are successful. The device itself comes across as very premium and due to its smaller size it also fits well with headfi sets.

Musically, the X-Sabre 3 delivers a top performance. The DA conversion is simply top notch, and that justifies the price in its own right. We’ve heard better DACs – but not many and not at this price.

You can almost view the many streaming functions as a bonus. But of course they make this device just as versatile. The Matrix Audio X-Sabre 3 is therefore recommended both as an upgrade within an existing system with a less good DAC section, as an extension to bring streaming to an analog system or as a companion to a better headphone amplifier. He excels in all those roles.

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