Magna Hifi presented Holo Audio on High End Munich Show 2023

Magna Hifi presented Holo Audio on High End Munich Show 2023

Magna Hifi performed a number of products from the manufacturer Holo Audio in Munich.

The Holo Audio May KTE R2R DAC and the Bliss KTE headphone amplifier could be heard on the Audeze headphones!

We were guests as visitors and were able to record new customers and spoke to a lot of interested people. Nice to see that the brand is being embraced so beautifully! We think that’s completely justified :-)

There was also a lot to see and hear. Of course we visited Grimm Audio who presented the new MU2. Fantastically beautiful device. A MU1 with built-in 1.5bit dac.

After the listening session we were convinced, what a great achievement. Congratulations Grimm!

What also made a big impression were the JBL speakers from 1928! The sound was so natural and real. Hard to imagine that the speakers were almost a hundred years old. Too bad they don’t fit in my living room.

Of course we also visited the stand of Hifi Rose, the largest of the show? Demonstrations of their new streamers were presented with a Holo Audio May DAC. Thanks, it just sounds good! The nice thing about the Hifi Rose is that we can realize an I2S connection between the two. A special I2S cable is available for this, which we make on request at a reasonable price.

We do much more than our webshop tells you.

We enjoyed the Munich show 2023!

Magna Hifi


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