New M series marks a milestone for Matrix Audio as it advances towards traditional Hi-Fi systems

The all-new M series marks a milestone for Matrix Audio as it advances towards traditional Hi-Fi systems. This series includes the music streamer MS-1, the preamplifier MP-1 and the power amplifier MA-1, forming a complete flagship system of Matrix Audio that presents our understanding of Hi-Fi audio. The M series is the first lineup to adopt the new Matrix Design language, serving as a precursor to the future evolution of Matrix Audio products.

MS-1 Music Streamer

MS-1 is the flagship music streamer from Matrix Audio which is equipped with new generation MA Player. MA Player is a streamlined and optimized software system based on Linux. It is specially designed for Hi-Fi audio playback. Which is exclusively available for Matrix Audio’s products. Today, MA Player has evolved to a new level, not only enhancing its playback performance but also introducing numerous new features, improving the interactive experience.
MS-1 includes 2 models, MS-1 and MS-1 Pre. MS-1 offers fixed output from its RCA and XLR ports. While MS-1 Pre features a preamplifier and precision resistor array volume control, it not only provides RCA and XLR pre-outs, but also has 1 pair of XLR out with fixed volume level. Both XLR outputs work together, enables you to connect to other recording and monotoring devices.

Highlights overview

Hardware asynchronous upsampling & DSD resampling engine
Two pairs of line input & one pair of phono input
Has a comprehensive digital inputs and can be used as a high-end DAC
Pre-amplifier & precision resistor array volume control (only available for MS-1 Pre)
Each channel uses a set of AKM flagship DAC chipset AK4191+AK4499. Each set of chips works in mono mode in parallel. The left and right channels are independent PCB modules.
High performance re-clock circuit for DPLL and features an ultra low noise clock
SFP port for optical transceivers
A high-speed NVMe SSD can be installed as internal storage
Customized high-power square copper wire toroidal transformers for the digital and analog parts separately

MP-1 Class A Preamplifier

MP-1 is Matrix Audio’s first Class A preamplifier. The ingenious industrial design is an indispensable part of our product, flowing out the brand-new Matrix Design language from dots, lines and surfaces. MP-1 process the input music accurately, endowing it with rich tones and textures, allowing you to hear the sound of music, see the face of music, and feel the soul of music. It is also the sculptor of music.

Highlights overview

High bias current single triode pure Class-A output
Fully differential transistor input stage circuit design
The main amplifier consists of four independent fully balanced amplification units. Each channel has two amplification units working together
Features 3 pairs of RCA and 3 pairs of XLR inputs, with the ability to independently set level attenuation and compensation for each input
Features 1 pair of RCA outputs and 2 pairs of XLR outputs, capable of output simultaneously or separately
Voltage-divider volume control
Two customized high-power square copper wire turoidal transformers

MA-1 Power Amplifier

MA-1 is Matrix Audio’s first Class AB power amplifier. A power amplifier serves as the backbone of the entire audio system, requiring comprehensive performance that excels both in dynamic and nuanced scenarios. It should surge powerfully during intense moments and delicately reveal subtleties with finesse. The MA-1 is born for the MS-1 and MP-1, offering precise matching and tuning to ensure that the entire system delivers exceptional audio performance and operational experience.

Highlights overview

Total power supply reaches 1250VA
Total capacity of filter capacitor array reaches 190,000µF
Output power: 250Wrms*2@8ohms, 450Wrms*2@4ohms
Ten ONSEMI high-power transistors in each channel to compose a push-pull amplification circuitry
Output gain is configurable, the normal gain is +30dB, which can be attenuated to +24dB by the gain switch
Independent transformer for left and right channel
The MCU continuously samples the temperature with two sensors on the main heatsink, constantly monitoring the temperature of the heatsink.

Matrix Audio’s new flagship Hi-Fi system M series will be available for order in July.

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