Purecable – nanoPWR308 Power Cable


Very high-quality power cable with the latest ultra-pure PTC-1 copper. Finished with pure copper connectors with silver / rhodium plating for maximum signal transfer and durability. Also with this cable, the nanotreatment is applied with microparticles of gold and silver in a natural oil to improve durability and sound.

The latest version of this model is also equipped with a standard ferrite filter to block external signals even more.

PC-Triple C stands for Pure Copper – Continuous Crystal Construction and is made of oxygen-free copper (ofc) with a very high purity by means of a special forging process. In contrast to standard OFC, almost all impurities of this type of copper are removed at micro level by a special casting process. Specially designed and developed for acoustic signal conductors.

PC-Triple C is flexible, strong and can be formed in a very fine wire. These new conductors have crystals that are almost entirely pure, so that even the smallest signals can be transmitted.

Due to the gradual application of pressure with a fixed angle and direction, the copper is compressed to 70% and then forged. By using this process, the transverse crystal grain boundary becomes more longitudinal. In other words; where the grain boundary is first more ‘criss-cross’, these are now neatly arranged in the longitudinal direction of the cable. The crystals now have successive connections, resulting in extremely good conduction.

In addition, the forging process drastically improves the density by removing oxygen, which improves the conductivity and acoustic signature of the copper.

This results in an extremely fine resolution in the overall sound image, improved spaciousness and gives a tight and controlled bass. Powerful and dynamic. In addition to this already very ‘musical’ copper, it is further optimized by adding nanoparticles of gold and silver (proportion 95% gold and 5% silver).

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