Singxer SU2 MagnaFied Super3 FARAD Power Supply (USB DSD1024 Digital Interface)

1.129,-   ( 933,06 excl. VAT)

The SINGXER SU2 MagnaFied with Farad Super3 powersupply USB digital converter is THE ultimate digital source for you your high-end DAC. It SU2 internal powersupply is removed and replaced by an external FARAD Super3 Power Supply. The SU2 is optimised with better capacitors and wiring to improve clock stability and further lower the noise floor.

This MagnaFied version of the very popular Singxer SU2 has OSCON Ultra low ESR caps, ELNA capacitors and WIMA film caps,

This product has been developed in coorperation with Farad Powersupplies and it is not a matter of only using premium components. Everything need to work in harmony to get an optimal result. It all starts with a clear concept of goals, how to achieve them, and painstaking testing: by measurements and by many hours of listening.

This SU2 FARAD version sounds more natural, more real like and  more detailed, layered bass. More complex music pieces are easier to follow due to better resolution. The very low range gives you transparency you have never heard before.

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