STEREONET – Holo Audio L3 KTE May DAC Review

Another review of the HOLO AUDIO MAY KTE

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The Holo Audio KTE May DAC is an impressive sounding digital converter that beguiles the listener the longer that it is listened to. When teamed up with other high definition components, it’s capable of providing incredible levels of detail and insight within a recording, and continually rewards. Jeff Zhu told me that he never set out to create a large, complex company that would be tiresome to manage. As an engineer, he just wants to develop interesting products that sound incredible. So Holo Audio uses a non-traditional distribution method around the world and has limited sales and marketing resources – so consumers are paying mostly for the design and quality of the products. That philosophy may attract consumers or make them cautious.There isn’t one single aspect of this design’s performance that particularly impresses; instead, you soon realise that it’s a sum of its parts with a natural, smooth and unforced delivery. I reckon the potentially better performance/price ratio of the May Level 2 is seductive – but many will love this. Highly recommended, then.

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