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Audio-GD Master-19 REVIEW MARCH 2022 KEVIN FISKE GETS TO GRIPS WITH A CHINESE-MADE HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER WITH THE ABILITY TO RE-SHAPE HIS VIEW ON WHAT CONSTITUTES VALUE FOR MONEY IN THIS FAST-GROWING MARKET SECTOR Audio-GD’s Master-19 headphone amplifier isn’t alone in appearing to offer remarkable value for money: Am Fang’s company Audio Music ploughed a relatively […]


REVIEW HOLOAUDIO SPRING 3 LEVEL 2 DAC: TRANSPARANT BOVEN ALLES JAMIE BIESEMANS | 11 MAART 2022 CONCLUSION The HoloAudio Spring 3 Level 2 is not the flagship of the Chinese brand, but it behaves like one. Even within the Spring line you can aim higher, and then there’s the May. So it might be even […]

REVIEW hifi-news – Matrix Audio X-Sabre 3 Network-Attached DAC

Hi-Fi News Verdict By adding onboard streaming to its DAC platform, Matrix Audio has upped the ante to create a truly compelling model offering network audio with minimal fuss. Ignore the wonkily-labelled digital filters and stick to driving it with either the custom MA Remote app or Roon. The reward is a sound that digs […]

Holo Audio Spring 3 Level 2 – DAC OF THE YEAR 2021 – A British Audiophile

A British Audiophile The Denafrips Ares 2 dac is as good as I’ve heard since the start of this channel, so what the heck could supplant that and take the top spot? We came up with the Holo Audio Spring 3 Level 2 which is for sale for 2649 euros directly from European distributor Magna […]

STEREONET – Holo Audio L3 KTE May DAC Review

Another review of the HOLO AUDIO MAY KTE Read the full review THE VERDICT The Holo Audio KTE May DAC is an impressive sounding digital converter that beguiles the listener the longer that it is listened to. When teamed up with other high definition components, it’s capable of providing incredible levels of detail and insight […]