Audio-GD – P3 2020 Edition – Single-Ended ACSS Power Amplifier


Audio-GD P3S Single Ended power amplifier is designed without any compromises using the best components on the market! Like all products of Audio-GD the amplifier is entirely made by hand and for a reasonable price. The analogue amplifier stages of this amplifier are non-feedback and DC coupled without any op-amps, all discrete. The power supplies of this amplifier are fed by a huge transformers.

Audio-GD uses a technique that is  unique in this price range, and designed using “Diamond Cross output stages”. This power amplifier is single ended non-feedback ACSS solution and delivers 70W per channel @ 8 Ohm and 140W per channel @ 4 Ohm speakers. 

This pure analogue designed amplifier sounds Neutral, detailed and musical.


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