Magna Hifi is a company of two employees, Rob and Jos. It was founded to conquer the limitations and musical characteristics of a popular media streamer. The ease of use of these media streamer is fine, the music could be better. Both Rob and Jos have an electronics background and both work at a high-tech hardware and software company, so it was no surprise that the streamer was soon found fully disassembled to parts on a working bench. The improvements we have developed made us decide to establish Magna Hifi and start investigating possible improvements for other devices

Making music has never exceeded playing a flute and taking some organ lessons. Play music however did. As a young kid, sitting in front of the radio with a tape recorder, delivering newspapers in the cold mornings with an early version of the Walkman on the frozen ears, always there was some music . The first earned money was used to purchase a real Philips stereo ‘ tower ‘, which I have spent many pleasant listening hours on in my bedroom.

Repairing CD players

Every day, on my way to school, I passed a Philips Technical Service Center , which had a magical appeal. I ended up working there as an audio service engineer. And, being close to the fire …. quite some devices from the better Philips audio series left the building ending up playing music at home , including CD960 CD player and one of the first Philips car CD players While there were only little numbers of CD players sold, I already had two! From my car, the original hat shelf was quickly replaced with a serious DIY one , resulting in many pleasant kilometers.

Hifi got my interest

Moving homes was used by my wife to banish the huge Philips speakers Philips, but in return ….. a couple of Xanadu speakers and NAD amplifier replaced them. An accidentally fallen speaker led to an upgrade to MK II. I took the opportunity to move to go fully digital at the same time(Sonos, and Cambridge CD / DAC ). After some adjustments the music virus seriously struck me. When we found out during our coffee breaks that we shared the same audio interests, Jos and myself started a hobby project, caught a Sonos by the horns and as a result the first ‘ Magna ‘ offspring was born….

Music has always played an important role in my life. Since I was 6, I play flugelhorn (wind instrument) later I switched to the trombone . From symphony orchestra to show band and musicals. Besides music technology has always interested me a lot and I ended up making that my profession . Especially electronics and digital technology caught my interest.


The ” audio hobby” started when I was 16 years old and I my dad gave me a set of audio speakers to renovate . Soon after there came a homemade DC – coupled FET / transistor amplifier in which in a later stage were replaced by two mono tube amplifiers with construction schedules of the firm Klare from Hoorn, which I visitied frequently, almost daily. One day I got the chance to take over a set of  new full range of Martin Logan ( CLS II ) I had to make my own power supply (6000 volts cascade ) and my uncle, a furniture craftsman, made the wooden frames.


Quickly after, or simply because I talked about nothing else, there were friends, neighbors and acquaintances who asked me to build speakers and assist in selecting a hi-fi set. The latter was very nice, since of course I did not have much money to spend!

Many years later, while the hobby was barely alive, I worked together with Rob for some time at the company and at some point in time we had a conversation about audio …. this on its own was not the immediate start of Magna Hifi, but it did not take long. There are plenty of ideas and the collaboration with Rob is very pleasant.

How can we help you?

Magna Hifi offers best modifications because we only offer modification on specific vendors and models. The offered modifications on our website are extensively tested; improved to offer best quality. Most of the products are reviewed by customers and professional reviewers. Each modification is done with selected components to guarantee sonic quality and each time the same results. Before shipping we put the equipment on a duration test (8 hours at minimum) to ensure the work was done properly.

Professional Service

Besides modifications we offer of the shelf Audio equipment selected based on their (sonic) quality. We strongly stand behind the products we offer in our webshop and prefer personal contact with customers. Modifications, upgrades and repairs are done in a professional anti-static environment and we have professional equipment such as tools to work with the smallest SMD components; and e.g. 3D micro camera.

In case you have a special request or suggestion please do not hesitate to contact us.

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