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See also the renewed Mano ULTRA MK3 version with FARAD Super3 PSU!... View

The magna ultra mk2 paired with the gd audio dac r2r1 is awesome! Thank you.
Saluti from italy

True balanced discrete preamplfier with integrated regenerative analogue power supply. Non- feedback... View

After initially being very happy with the sound straight out of the box, I found that it held back the macro dynamics a bit, and I lacked deep bass with body and sharpness. The resolution wasn't quite top notch either. But this turned out to change, quite drastically in fact, in the first month that the preamp was left up and running. Nowadays, I can't find anything to complain about (well yes, one little thing; se below): this is without a doubt the best preamp I've ever owned or even tried at home, and then I still had a preamp at home for test that cost about 15,000 euros when new! This says a lot about the sensational sound quality vs the price ratio you get with the HE1 -MK2 preamp. One result of this is, for example, that the preamp responds extremely clearly to cable changes - you immediately and very revealingly hear which cable has a higher or lower quality. Five stars all the way!!

However, I have a small remark, which I include in the following:

The front step's left button, on the right side of the display, has three functions:

1. Press it once, and a blue dot will appear, which determines whether you want the automatic shutdown of the display, or whether you want it to be always on. (One nitpick: it would have been nice to have two modes of brightness of the display, to switch between.)

2. Press it quickly twice, and you will get to the pre-volume function, which is intended to adapt signal sources with different output levels to achieve the same degree of volume. LEAVE THIS FEATURE, if you don't feel you have to use it, and deteriorate the sound! I feel that the sound is affected noticeably with this function - it gives a filter effect which is obvious, if you compare it with mode 9 (no pre-volume). Even when you compensate the db. However, feel free to try it and form your own opinion.

3. Press the button quickly three times, and you will enter the preamp's two gain modes: either 6 db or 16 db gain. This feature is very useful! I use the pre-stage with the 6 db mode and find no penalty between the two settings, either than obviously different gain.

All in all: a wonderful preamp that is more than worth its asking price. And, you can buy with confidence: Jos and Magna Hifi gave me great service and a quick response to all my (many) questions.

The HoloAudio Bliss is here! This has taken a long time and... View

Easy, smooth and very pleasant transaction, as always is with Magna Hifi guys.

I think Bliss deserves a spot in solid state hall of fame. It has has both an amazing sound quality and an amazing character. It can run literally any headphones well, has all the necessary features and doesn't have any obvious flaws. For many it may be the end of the road in the search for a perfect solid state headphone amp. It was for me. It's a bliss :).

The Singxer SU-6 is a new generation of USB interface developed by... View

Seems to work well with my Wireworld Silver Sphere HDMI cable and my Holo May KTE.
My whole system sounds ‘right’ now in a way I’ve never heard before. It’s a feeling that’s similar across all input formats and musical genres. Excellent soundstage, neutral frequency response, realistic timbre, excellent micro detail, good low end drive and the blackest of black backgrounds.

Audio-GD R28 version 2022 Balanced pre- & headphone amplifier with discrete R-2R... View

Bought the R28 2022 version: what a purchase! I regrettably no longer have the HE6SEv2 and I bet this beast would drive those as a charm. The DAC portion of the device is also very satifying and it took me a bit to get uesed to it (brain or hardware burn-in? I will never know...). Coming from a Violectric V200 I thought I was akready enjoying a warmer than average sound delivery but this takes it to another level.
I have yet to decide if I prefer NOS or OS. The effect of the vynil record simulation, which is suppposed to provide the smoothest setting, isn't yet clear to me and I don't hear much of a difference. Using it mostly with HD800S and Arya Sealth Edition. It also proved an outstanding match for my Beyerdynamic T90 whos high register is less extreme with this amplifier than it is also with a (modest) tube amp such as the Little dot mk III, which I am now selling. Indeed it seems that the same sonic results of OTL tube amplification can be obtained by the R28: not sure if it is just due to the R2R decoding or if also the amplifier plays a role.
Great service from Magnahifi is the icing on the cake.

May Dac = 'The possibility of.' The May DAC is here! over... View

What can I say, I am still quite speechless and impressed, it's like listening to analog music with digital equipment. A wonderful DAC, which fits perfectly with the Ferrum Hypsos/Oor to the Hifiman Susvara.

Bliss Headphone Amp  The HoloAudio Bliss is here! This has taken a... View

It sounds fantastic right from the start. Compared to my other expensive headphone amplifier: The sound is more refined, with better instrument separation and more holographic sound stage. And everything is more calm, the music so easily flows into the ears. Another brilliant unit from Holo Audio!

Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for... View

I have waited two weeks before send you some feedback of the recent purchased Mano Ultra mk3 since I wanted to run extensive tests in my system.
I am extremely satisfied by the performance of the Mano.
First of all RopieeXL software is a breeze to the set up in Roon.
I have compared Mano with the Bluesound Node 2i (modified with PD creative interface) powered by the same Farad S3 LPS and with Farad Level 2 silver DC cable
The improvement is really huge: in few words I would say the Mano mk3 sounds gently and musical albeit extremely resolving.

Audio-GD R7HE MK2 flagship DAC is a fully discrete R-2R ladder Digital... View

I've been listening to this DAC for a few months now and it continues to amaze me and above all it continues to fascinate me. I've had many DACs but this is by far the best I've ever owned.

Bliss Headphone Amp  The HoloAudio Bliss is here! This has taken a... View

Simply amazing headphone amplifier. Soundstage is just incredible and the sound is very authoritative. If Superman was a headphone amplifier, it would be Bliss. Powerful, refined and perfect.

Singxer, SA1 is a full balance class A headphone Amplifier and preamplifier.... View

Wat een fijne versterker, muisstil, zwarte achtergrond. Super veel details, erg mooie plaatsing van instrumenten en artiesten. Superstrakke basweergave. Speel met een Meze 109 pro hoofdtelefoon. Had hiervoor een creek obh21 hoofdtelefoon versterker maar dit is zo een grote sprong voorwaarts dat heb ik niet durven dromen. Vragen werden snel serieus en eerlijk beantwoord.
Kortom heel tevreden.

Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for... View

Got my new streamer today and wow what a difference. My system has never sounded this good before. Using i2s connection to my gustard r26 dac, and it sounds amazing. New details, depths, dynamic range and a lowered noise floor. Enjoying registering and discovering new musical facets in music that I am very familiar with.

The R-27RE Audio-GD version is a discrete balanced R2-2R ladder DAC with... View

I have listen the R27-RE in my system! Beautiful, very high performance. Super machine!
Davide M.

Bliss Headphone Amp  The HoloAudio Bliss is here! This has taken a... View

I just wanted to report back that the Bliss sounds fantastic! 😊

It sounded quite nice directly out of the box, but a bit rough. After
only 10 hours of burn-in things started to happen and the soundstage
opened up and the amp has great dynamics. Now after 48 hours of burn-in
it already sounds great and are improving by the hour.

It works nicely with any DAC you pair it with, but it really shines when
combined with the May DAC. My Hifiman Arya Stealth Magnet headphones
just sounds beautiful with the Bliss/may combination.

Bliss is simply the best solid state headphone amp I've listened to!

There is only one small complaint and that is that the display color is
slightly different than the May and Serene. It's more light blue than
the more white display of the May and Serene which also is a bit
brighter. The copper buttons is also slightly different in color on the

I just love HoloAudio stuff and now I'm eagerly waiting to test the
HoloAudio Red.
Goran N.

There are many ways to connect devices and speakers together but only... View

what a great website!!! this help me so much!!! thank u so much!
Aubrey Coberly

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

I had limited time to listen to my new DAC even though I can tell that this is marvel! I wouldn't think that it can improve all aspects of how the overall system sounds, but yet it does! Amazing, really.

The temperature of the device in the top right side of the chassis the temperature is a bit high, maybe 50 C. This is not a problem according to Magna Hifi

Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for... View

The streamer is exceptional and if the purchased through a normal dealer network would cost a lot more.
The only reason i have not given 5 stars is because there is no WiFi possibility. I am however extremely happy with the sound quality of this device. The sound quality exceeds my expectations.
Joel N

AUDIO-GD DI-20 HE VERSION with integrated Regenerative Power Supply. USB digital audio... View

A substantial improvement was felt after the first 24 hours of continuous operation. The bass area has improved and the detail here is already much bigger and deeper.
Now it's probably close to 100 hours of burn-in and I can judge at its true value.
The improvement has exceeded my expectations. Not in the "small" area, on the contrary ! It's so big

Audio-GD R28 version 2022 Balanced pre- & headphone amplifier with discrete R-2R... View

It is outstanding DAC. Sound quality is amazing. I use model of 2022 as DAC/preamp with Nelson Pass's amplifier Aleph J connected via XLR output.
I also satisfied with service of Magna Hifi.
Valeri V.

Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for... View

After the mano ultra, holo audio spring level 2 kte, I just switched to the new mk3 farad, what happiness. You don't change a winning team, I will definitely buy from them again! Strongly recommend. A more than satisfied audiophile.