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True balanced discrete preamplfier with integrated regenerative analogue power supply. Non- feedback... View

Bij Magna HiFi de Audio-GD Master 3 en HE-1 gekocht en ik ben zeer tevreden met deze producten. Na sluitingstijd bij Jos thuis op kunnen halen wat op zich al een prima service is natuurlijk. Beide apparaten zijn super degelijk gebouwd en na het uitpakken en plaatsen kun je gerust even gaan zitten om je rug rust te gunnen 🙂
Wat een gewicht en wat een bouwkwaliteit. De degelijkheid spat er aan alle kanten vanaf.
Ben je op zoek naar een high-end combinatie is dit denk ik de voordeligste keus.
Verwacht geen overbodige knopjes of fancy displays want daar zijn ze niet van bij Audio-GD. Nee, muziek! Dat is waar het om draait en het lijkt nu al dat al mijn muziek een compleet andere en betere soundstage heeft. En dan moeten ze nog ingespeeld worden!
De Master 3 heeft voldoende reserve om de meest kritische luidsprekers aan te sluiten.
Al met al een zeer tevreden klant, deze set gaat niet meer weg.

Mains hum be heard coming from powerful electric power grid equipment such... View

Just checking in with my latest experience with power cord with "antybuzzing" gadget well it just works wonders, no more buzzing sound from the transformers although . At first I used VD HUL Mainstream power cord but got that buzzing.... It just shows that buying a expensive power cord does not always do good. I am aware that the buzzing appears when there is DC current in the AC lines but still it just not justify the cost. That's why I am taking an effort to get good AC power lines to the wall output sockets first and then "experiment with power cords.

Thanks again
Best regards

Single Ended Headphone & pre- amplifier equipped with advanced R-2R high speed... View

Das passt schon Jos!
Der Sennheiser und der R2R 11 passen sehr gut zusammen!!!
Gain "L" reicht völlig aus, ich höre gerade das Beethoven Violinkonzert po.61 in guter Lautstärke mit Poti auf 12:00 - alles passt von der
Lautstärke und Qualität.
Peter K. from Germany

True balanced discrete preamplfier with integrated regenerative analogue power supply. Non- feedback... View

I am very satisfied with my new set! The HE1 is a significant improvement compared to. my other preamplifier that was a lot more expensive! Unprecedented sound quality.
Andrew L.

The flagship of Audio-GD's discrete R-2R ladder dac. A digital to analogue... View

Erg tevreden over mijn nieuwe set! Ook mijn CD's over optical naar de R7HE is werkelijk een enorme verbetering. Mijn Sony is van de ES serie maar de R7 is wat betreft DAC veeeeeel beter.
Adri van B

High-end streaming from any smartphone, tabled or PC or a laptop or whichever... View

Ik ben heel tevreden over de streamer en het geluid, het mooiste in NOS stand.
Heel blij, via hdmi heel mooi geluid ik hoor dingen die ik niet eerder gehoord heb.
Ik wil jullie nog bedanken voor de goede service en alle geduld.


Magnahifi is about service! Clever and quick in response to questions.
Orders are correct and fast delivered. And their advice is to the point.
Tony P

May Dac = 'The possibility of.' The May DAC is here! over... View

It is easy to indicate how the proportions are in quality. The Holo Audio MAY DAC is the absolute best, period! I have compared many R2R DACs. Many other brands, some of which are 3x as expensive! The Holo Audio MAY DAC via USB wins the game with ease, I dare say. The Holo is more refined and more natural in sound. The much more expensive brands are coming close, albeit with some distance. Absolutely recommended this R2R DAC! Or the KTE version? I can't control my curiosity I'm afraid 🙂
Rolf T. (Germany)

Master-2H Mono Balanced Power Amplifiers The Master-2H is a top class power amplifier,... View

I had a wonderful Friday night with my vinyl collection played through the Audio GD set-up .
I have my own reference LP's to test the audio and the Audio GD combo HE1 +2H mono blocks passed with flying colors. I played Steve Ray Vaughan ``Can't stand the weather" album but mainly one song called TIN PAN ALLEY great blues guitar and the bass / drum on this song was just as if it was just played in the room. You were 100% right that the 2H would start to sound better every hour it 's played. it's not boomy just natural as it can be. Now I can hear the full potential of my KOETSU black cartridge. Next I played "Kind of blue" by Miles Davis Again the trumpet of Miles is so real and the rest of the band just sounded awesome just simple wow . In a long time I Hadn't had much "fun" in listening to music.
I have my nirvana with this Audio GD.

Balanced discrete R-2R digital analogue converter equipped with advanced high speed ladder... View

I received the DAC on Saturday. What a beast!
Sound quality is wonderful. I’m using the default settings and will do until I get more used to the overall sound. When I play one of Beethoven’s late Piano Sonatas I can ‘feel’ how the pianist is shaping every individual note. The rhythm and timing are also greatly improved and the deeper bass lines are so much easier to follow. Also makes Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, The Who and King Crimson sound more energetic too. The sheer energy it gets across when playing any type of music is almost unbelievable. It’s very good with silences!
Ross (UK)

Master-2H Mono Balanced Power Amplifiers The Master-2H is a top class power amplifier,... View

After a long "burn in" (many hours of low volume listening) I came back to my listening CD / SACD I have to say I can now really distinguish between a 'normal" CD and SACD or XRCD played on my cd player Yamaha CD S3000. Before it was not that clear even on my AA Amp II powered by the HE1. I Guess the ACSS link has a lot to do with this sound and make the music so natural and clear.
The experience is awesome anyway and I am very happy I bought it from you!
On the weekend I will play my vinyl LP's and see how that will go.
I am so satisfied with this set-up and your service.

Single Ended Headphone & pre- amplifier equipped with hyper-modern and fantastic Sabre... View

Ik heb de 11.38 aangesloten en luister er nu naar. Ik ben aangenaam verrast! De muziek is open en zo gedetailleerd!!
Enorm blij met de 11.38, tevens met jullie service!! Een heel erg prettige ervaring. Dank je wel Jos!

Alle succes!
Met vriendelijke groet,
Patrick S

High-end streaming from any smartphone, tabled or PC or a laptop or whichever... View

The Mano is playing music flawlessly and I’m really pleased by the sound quality.
It’s clearly better than my cxc. I have the both plugged in my dac so it’s easy to compare.
The Mano is better everywhere, it’s like upgrading the dac, awesome ?. You’ve build a real good product. I definitely don’t regret my choice with the Mano. Keep me tune of any software updates. I’m using IPeng on my iPad, it’s very convenient. That’s a winning combo.
That’s rewarding for me after all the efforts to upgrade my system to have some results!
Charles from France

ACSS Cables are easily one of the most important pieces of any studio... View

Many thanks for your excellent and attentive service. I have received the cables and they are beyond great!

The Audio R8 R2R dac is a derivative of the R7 and... View

Adviced by the Magnapeople this great machine is now playing in my set. And even though still burning in it is fantastic. A huge improvement to my dac19. More clarity, space, tighter controlled bas, more detail, and full of musicality! Really happy with it!

The R-27 Audio-GD is a discrete balanced R2-2R ladder DAC with an... View

J’ai finalement réussi à installer le firmware super résultat surtout au niveau des voix et plus haut magnifique !!!
Florent Gason

Audio-GD NFB-1AMP is a true balanced  pre- and headphone amplifier. It's design... View

Everything great with the amp, outstanding value, a true bargain!
Great service!
Gonzalo Noqué

The Singxer SU-6 is a new generation of USB interface developed by... View

WoW - I am really impressed !

Much better sound with Singxer SU6. Even though it has been already great now it is really better. I am happy!

Many thanks
Christophe Adam

High-end streaming from any smartphone, tabled or PC or a laptop or whichever... View

Roon fonctionne très bien avec le Mano ULTRA!.... Suis content, car je peux regrouper les zones avec le Mano et ma Digione Signature (ce que je ne pouvais pas faire avec PicorePlayer)
Là je profite de la musique
Le Mano fonctionne vraiment très très bien, vraiment un très bon appareil!
Et tout cas merci pour tout
Christian M
Christian M. (France)

It won't be an easy chance to have as rich and beautiful... View

I didn’t expect this difference when Magna Hifi advices me to give the sNH-10G a try.
Wonderful product, happy customer !
Thanks, Arnaud (France)