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Audio-GD R28 Balanced pre- & headphone amplifier with discrete R-2R digital analogue... View

My R28 arrived back to me this morning, thank you. Straight out of the box my system sounds very much improved, I have the R28 hooked up to a GRAAF GM 50B MK2 Integrated. So many thanks for you help and expertise, I look forward to doing business in the future.

The SDA-2 is an high-performance D/A Converter with preamplifier and headphone amplifier.... View

My long-awaited Singxer has arrived and I like the sound from the very beginning Headphones are Meze 99 Neo - 6.35 jack and Sennheiser 58x Jubilee - xlr 4pin.

May Dac = 'The possibility of.' The May DAC is here! over... View

After much deliberation, I made the decision and traveled to Rob in Heiloo to hear the difference between the May Level 2 and KTE. That was clear and in the end we took the KTE version home. What a top DAC. The other DACs simply had no chance. Fantastic and unprecedented performance this R2R DAC!

Master-2H Mono Balanced Power Amplifiers The Master-2H is a top class power amplifier,... View

I have received the M2H – they are brilliant indeed!!
Thanks a lot for all your great support.
Regards, Sorin

SDA-6 is a high-performance DAC developed by our Singxer team. It uses... View

The Singxer SDA6 Pro is excellent performance which I find to be an excellent match in my system. Thank you Magna Hifi for recommending this DAC!

This tube preamplifier design is unique. Its sound is pure not only... View

Hereby my feedback on my HE1 Vacuum. I am completely happy with the result. In connection with the M3, R7HE, Di 20 HE and the Harbeth 30.2 XD loudspeaker, the HE1 Vacuum is a great match. I have never heard and felt the music so well!

May Dac = 'The possibility of.' The May DAC is here! over... View

Everything I write I am doing the Holo MAY short! It is an incredible achievement from a brand which was unknown to me. I have tried (won't mention them) much higher priced DACs but this one is simply sublime. Especially the PLL technology in this DAC does a great job. The only advice I can give to doubters: You have to try it! (Leave on for at least 150 hours before actually listening). Happy customer - thanks Magna Team for the great service!
Thomas M

The Singxer SU-6 is a new generation of USB interface developed by... View

The Singxer SU6 is superior in imaging, texture, bass definition, dynamics and detail.

May Dac = 'The possibility of.' The May DAC is here! over... View

I find the current playback sound so natural, smooth, refined and easy that I keep listening. I am better able to let go of technical listening and enjoy a nice piece of music better and that is ultimately the goal… ..

We, Magna Hifi, have been working for months on possible improvements for... View

What is immediately noticeable is the placement of and the focus on voices, which are placed tighter in the sound image than ever and are reproduced with more power. The definition in the entire low and mid range has been greatly improved, especially better layered and more powerful.
In the high there has indeed come more rest and fortunately without loss of detail. In fact, the micro details are now super good and provide a lot of space for information. The fact that the placement has become better is therefore not very strange, the depth and width in the sound image have become greater and therefore more room for a more precise placement.
The entire sound image sounds more natural and has become smoother.

The Master 10 integrated amplifier is a true balanced high power amplifier... View

The Chinese can build really good audio, as the Master 10 proves !. What a beast this is, endless power and a lot of drive. But despite that, the amplifier also has a very open sound with a lot of detail and a wide image. Compared to my Audionet, the Master 10 sounds more powerful and more open, but very rich at softer volumes.

AUDIO-GD DI-20 USB digital audio interface based on Amanero USB design is... View

Every day I enjoy the quiet reproduction with silky soft refined highs and the beautiful warm glow and body in the midrange. The spatial representation is perfectly fine in terms of depth and width.

The R-27 Audio-GD is a discrete balanced R2-2R ladder DAC with an... View

Apologies for the slow response... I’ve only had a chance to listen property over the past week now.
I’m loving the sound. It took me a while to find out how to set it to NOS 2 , but haven’t thought to change it since 🙂

I just realized that I did not let you know that the headphones arrived safely, thanks! I'm amazed at how they're actually changing with burning-in, I never experienced an actual change with burn-in except with the HE1000SE. Truly outstanding pair of headphones!

True balanced discrete preamplfier with integrated regenerative analogue power supply. Non- feedback... View

The HE-1 sound was not good: Too much bass and not muddy dark sound. After two days leaving it turned on I did not understand what happened. The sound completely transformed in open transparent sound and tight bass. Really fantastic! Warm up time is now about 20 Minutes and then it sounds great! Very open and detailed with exzellent room and not harsh! Best preamp ever!

AUDIO-GD DI-20 HE VERSION with Regenerative Power Supply is a USB digital... View

I compared DI-20HE with Gustard U16, strongly modified Singxer SU-1, Singxer SU-6. Definitely Audio-GD is the best among them. The best structure/order on soundstange (feeling that everything is corret compared to another devices, sound is the most natural), great resolution and sounds are the most filled. Worth to spend money on it, better to wait and buy it.

True balanced discrete preamplfier with integrated regenerative analogue power supply. Non- feedback... View

Bij Magna HiFi de Audio-GD Master 3 en HE-1 gekocht en ik ben zeer tevreden met deze producten. Na sluitingstijd bij Jos thuis op kunnen halen wat op zich al een prima service is natuurlijk. Beide apparaten zijn super degelijk gebouwd en na het uitpakken en plaatsen kun je gerust even gaan zitten om je rug rust te gunnen 🙂
Wat een gewicht en wat een bouwkwaliteit. De degelijkheid spat er aan alle kanten vanaf.
Ben je op zoek naar een high-end combinatie is dit denk ik de voordeligste keus.
Verwacht geen overbodige knopjes of fancy displays want daar zijn ze niet van bij Audio-GD. Nee, muziek! Dat is waar het om draait en het lijkt nu al dat al mijn muziek een compleet andere en betere soundstage heeft. En dan moeten ze nog ingespeeld worden!
De Master 3 heeft voldoende reserve om de meest kritische luidsprekers aan te sluiten.
Al met al een zeer tevreden klant, deze set gaat niet meer weg.

Mains hum be heard coming from powerful electric power grid equipment such... View

Just checking in with my latest experience with power cord with "antybuzzing" gadget well it just works wonders, no more buzzing sound from the transformers although . At first I used VD HUL Mainstream power cord but got that buzzing.... It just shows that buying a expensive power cord does not always do good. I am aware that the buzzing appears when there is DC current in the AC lines but still it just not justify the cost. That's why I am taking an effort to get good AC power lines to the wall output sockets first and then "experiment with power cords.

Thanks again
Best regards

Single Ended Headphone & pre- amplifier equipped with advanced R-2R high speed... View

Das passt schon Jos!
Der Sennheiser und der R2R 11 passen sehr gut zusammen!!!
Gain "L" reicht völlig aus, ich höre gerade das Beethoven Violinkonzert po.61 in guter Lautstärke mit Poti auf 12:00 - alles passt von der
Lautstärke und Qualität.
Peter K. from Germany

True balanced discrete preamplfier with integrated regenerative analogue power supply. Non- feedback... View

I am very satisfied with my new set! The HE1 is a significant improvement compared to. my other preamplifier that was a lot more expensive! Unprecedented sound quality.
Andrew L.