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Audio-GD - Master 19 Solid State Discrete Balanced Preamplifier True balanced discrete... View

It was all that I expected, it goes excellent with Class D IcePower 1200AS2. It warms and gives some weight to music. Music is richer and more pleasant to listen to.
Preamp is completely silent, no noise or anything. I am really satisfied.

Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for... View

I found that the Mano Ultra mkIII sounded clearly better. It had larger more three-dimensional soundstage, instruments had more natural and fuller sound with more overtones, especially acoustical instruments and voices.
My streamer was powered up for 15 hours before comparing the two.

Master 3A is a pure Class A power amplifier. Designed without any... View

I really wanted to say was that the Master3 amp is really marvelous, and coupled with the Vacum it's superb!
Jean Michel

AUDIO-GD DI-20 HE VERSION with integrated Regenerative Power Supply. USB digital audio... View

Le DI20HE est exceptionnel !
Très réactif aux changements de câbles : c'est bon signe.
Plus de détail, mais sans être agressif car tout en douceur. La matière est là également, et associé à la dynamique très significative, le résultat est très vivant. Et pourtant entre un gros steamer et un très bon DAC (APL), le gain est incroyable. Merci à Magna pour la rapidité de livraison, et surtout à JOS pour sa patience pour régler quelques soucis avec un Lumin A1.

the EverSolo DMP-A6 is a breath of fresh air in the present... View

Absolutes Highlight! Für diesen Preis unschlagbar. Von der Benutzeroberfläche bis zum Sound, hier ist einfach alles top.
Fritz Kellenberger

Bliss Headphone Amp  The HoloAudio Bliss KTE is here! This has taken... View

The Holo Bliss sounds fantastic. Can't stop listening. What a dream! I didn't know the Susvara sounds so beautiful. Cheers.

Audio-GD R1 mid range - above average transparant and musical sounding -... View

Audio-gd makes very good products at great prices,
I've wanted to try either their PCM1704 or the discrete R2R Dacs for some time now, so when I saw this used R1 (2021) model at an incredible price, I just had to have it. Being an audiophile for 40 years now; I've had many products and have seen the technology has changed. Some have been for the good and some not. I've had my trusted Lite DAC-60 (PCM1704) with tube output and many upgrades and although I could live happily with it for many more years, I wanted to try the I2S interface. Let me tell you, there is a HUGE inprovement!! The old SPDIF at 24/96 is fine with the DAC-60 but detail and resolution and overall "cleanness" is much, much, better with I2S and clearly an upgrade over USB. The product was "like new" and arrived safely and quickly. Jos, was excellent in communicating and very professional. I will highly recommend Magna Hifi and Audio-gd! Thanks again, Jos.
Dan T.

Audio-GD R1 NOS is a R2R discrete DAC. The R1 NOS is... View

I was looking to upgrade my DAC and wanted to try a discrete R2R converter having been familar with both the sigma-delta and ladder types (I have a ESS9038 DAC as well as my trusted PCM1704 tube DAC). Although both types have their merits, I like the smooth presentation of the ladder DACs. Audio-gd has been on my short list for a long time, The product arrived safely and very fast (5 days to U.S.). I certainly have no problems highly recommending Magna Hifi
Dan T.

Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for... View

I wanted a music streamer with a proven technology and this attracted me to the Magna Mano/Farad combo. There are multiple streaming solutions available for this pair and I selected BubbleUpNP and RopieeeXL. The sound quality is excellent and has all the attributes of a great streamer; holographic, large sound stage, bass, detail, musicality, warmth, analog sounding. Magna customer support has been responsive and helpful. Getting the Mano working was relatively straight forward as I explored the settings in Ropieee and the BubbleUpnp Android app. The Mano and Farad enclosures are well finished in black anodized aluminum. Just listening this morning and noticing the Mano and Farad are breaking in and sounding better and better!
Gage C.

Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for... View

Just a few words about Mano and the pleasures of good audio.
The streamer has been performing flawlessly. In addition, I discovered that a better Ethernet cable considerably improves the audio. I changed from a generic something or other to a Cat 6 - my, what an uptick in sound quality.
Hope you are well and thriving … and enjoying the music!

Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for... View

I’m really enjoying my Mano Ultra purchase.
Thanks for everything even the generic HDMI cable you tossed in, it is the perfect length to my Denafrips Ares 12th-1.
Well done Team

Presents the power of music The Matrix Element M2 is part of... View

I wanted to thank you for the ME M2. The device is simply fantastic, I am very pleased. Thank you very much.

Audio-GD A1 balanced power amplifier is designed without any compromises using the... View

Ausgezeichneter amp, der a1!

EverSolo DMP-A6 MASTER is a breath of fresh air in the present... View

Meine Bestellung (Eversolo) ist heute geliefert worden ich bin total hin und weg vom Sound für mich eine 1aKaufentscheidung. Was den Versand betrifft ist das doch gut gelaufen es stand ja in der Beschreibung 5-15 Tage Lieferzeit .
Für mich alles gut gelaufen und jeder Zeit wieder.

the EverSolo DMP-A6 is a breath of fresh air in the present... View

Great audio streamer with unprecedented possibilities that performs well above its price in terms of sound.

the EverSolo DMP-A6 is a breath of fresh air in the present... View

Beautiful device and great sound

EverSolo DMP-A6 MASTER is a breath of fresh air in the present... View

The eversolo DMP-6A sounds beyond expectations. Comes pretty close to a combination that plays in a much higher category. The internet hype appears to be correct this time. Very happy with it!

The all-new music streamer mini-i Pro 4 does not only have a... View

So connecting was a piece of cake.
I compared the sound of CD copies (FLAC) via SSD with the results of Quad CD67. Sound image via MA-i4 is very similar and neutral in character. In short: good DAC!
Direct streaming and connection via HDMI also provide sufficiently good results.
Overall, I'm quite pleased with this little addition to my system.

The successor to the Mini-I 3, the Mini-I 4 is a versatile,... View

I purchased this Matrix Mini-i 4 as an upgrade over my Bluesound Node N130. My system is quite revealing and I found the internal DAC of the Node didn't pushed my system to it's limits and I had issues combining the Node with an external DAC. This streamer, already from the first notes playing is a huge upgrade, there are far more nuances and the soundstage and resolution are a true step ahead. I am very satisfied, it really put my system to a next level!
Erik van Meer

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

Everything good they say about this DAC is true! This is a full grown DAC with a full grown sound, no doubt about that – easily the most analog, true to disc-info, and neutral in a good way DAC I have listened to. If there is any compromises in this DAC (yes… the May) there is no way one can tell; it’s simply that good!