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May Dac = 'The possibility of.' The May DAC is here! over... View

All my pre-purchase questions were answered very quickly and comprehensively by Magnahifi. I ordered on Friday and the device arrived already on the following Tuesday. The sound is stunning! So far I have used a DAC for about 7000 EUR. I'm sorry to say that it sounds like a toy against the Holo May. The sound of the May is in-describable, simply divine. It was my best purchase during the last 20 years!
Edwin G.

Audio-GD - Master 19 Solid State Discrete Balanced Preamplifier True balanced discrete... View

This is a amazing headphone amp. Very high resolution and wide stereo image. Sound is stunning in XLR output to my Focal Clear MG. I am very pleased with this amp. My previous Musician Andromeda headphone amp is ver y good, but this one go"s much farther in all.
a very satisfied owner off the Master 19.

Master 3A is a pure Class A power amplifier. Designed without any... View

After testing Pathos, Classe, Jef Rowland, etc I must say that Audio GD 3A is astonishing for the price, any price actually. Tigh, extend and full bass, very transparent midrange (enfase to voices , cords, piano and blow instruments) and suficientlly airy and resolving top end (a bit harsh at first but after a few days of burn in it]s all gone). Layering and insttruments separation is very good. Soundstage is 3D, texture and expansive, but coherent.
Very low distortion at high volumes and full boby in low ones.
My sistem is base on Michi P5 and S5 pre and power amplifier, respectly. Rigth now I subjectively perfer the carater of the Audio GD 3A Power Amp. What a dilema! This tell a lot!
Many thks for the fellows at Magna HiFi. Cheers!
Nuno Jardim

Audio-GD - MASTER 9 (True Balanced Discrete Headphone & Preamplifier) A true... View

Magna Hifi is run by enthusiasts who know their products exceptionally well and are always happy to advise on how well particular combinations of products will perform. Excellent range of competitively priced products backed up by first class customer service. I bought an Audio-GD Master 9 headphone amplifier to replace the Master 19 I bought from them a few years ago and it is a fine match for my HE 1000se headphones.

May Dac = 'The possibility of.' The May DAC is here! over... View

Excellent service. High level of product knowledge, good communication, fast shipping, perfect package protection and top tracking information. The Holo May DAC KTE is the best DAC I’ve listened in life, it’s and end game DAC for sure.

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

After some good advice of Rob and a great listening session at Magna's I purchased the Spring 3-2 DAC as a replacement for my Naim ND5XS. The Naim is still in place as a streaming device and digitally connected to the Spring 3. No regrets at all. The DAC is a great step forward in my listening experience. The DAC really invites you to listen to more and more music.

May Dac = 'The possibility of.' The May DAC is here! over... View

Purchased a Holo May KTE. I had some questions before buying, all got quickly and in details answered by Jos. After delivery I noticed a humming noise coming from the item sometimes. Jos gave me advices on different possible solutions. I am very satisfied with both of the dac and Magna Hifi. This is the kind of costumer service I love in the US but rarely experience in the EU. 👌

AUDIO-GD DI-20 HE VERSION with integrated Regenerative Power Supply. USB digital audio... View

Excellent DDC! Prior to purchasing, I used the Gustard U18, Singxer SU-6 and M2TECH hiFace Two. Audio-GD's DI-20HE ranks above them all! Take note that you'll need around 200 hours for the device to 'burn in' and fully settle. You will notice qualitative improvements within that period.

MagnaHifi's customer service has been courteous and knowledgeable! They install the latest firmware on units prior to shipping and include a USB Blaster dongle for future firmware 'rolling'. Delivery to my doorstep (USA) was within the week of ordering, which is impressive considering the unit shipped from the other side of the planet!

Look no further if you seek a top-of-the-line DDC. 🙂

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

After another good and objective advice from the Magna team bought the spring3-2. And after some serious burn in time with quality ups and downs …. I can’t say anything else than it is stunningly amazing. Never experienced such live feeling at home. Staging, clarity is just amazing. Really happy. Give it some weeks of burn in and you will be amazed by the musical performance this machine can put in place.
Bas de Vos

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

Never has purchasing this amount of audible joy been so easy! Thank you for a gloriously easy transaction Magna!

I am utterly smitten with this product!
Stephen Iannetta

May Dac = 'The possibility of.' The May DAC is here! over... View

I am in the position to listening to more music... and therefore really coming to appreciate the qualities of the May. It presents music organically, across a broad and deep sound stage, with hardly any digital artefacts - the decision to go with an R2R Dac has been one of my best choices over many years of audiophilia!

The Mano Ultra mkII is the ultimate streaming endpoint for your high-end... View

I decided to order the magna mano ultra and do not regret it! I will come back to magna for some upgrades.

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

Great service, awesome conversations, incredible knowledge, amazing sound and Rob is a superb host that takes his time for you. Bought a spring 3 lvl 2 dac and i love it.

Serene is a preamplifier from HoloAudio. Serene adopts a fully balanced structure.... View

SERENE KTE performs nicely right out of the box. It finally brought back to life my home theatre and media center with all it's analogue and digital connections all together. In the "digital" part of my chain SERENE performed precisely as expected. Connected to HoloAudio MAY KTE, it is absolutelly not in the way of sound, it is transparent and precise, like it is not there. However in the "analogue" chain SERENE has surprised me ! With it's crazy level of transparency it has shown exactly what I have - good phono stage (from Kitsune HifI) and somewhat average turntable. But ! Now I CAN hear all smallest imperfections coming from the turntable. My analogue chain became really sensitive to quality of a records. The good ones are simply - EXCELLENT ! The medium ones - honestly, you just don’t want to listen to. IMHO, this is the whole point of "vinyl story" - hunting for and collecting the ultimate quality recordings. My previous pre-amp was hiding all this and coloring the sound with mellow low registers. One could have considered that being better, may be... But SERENE is just plain honest. At last, don't underestimate break-in period. Now, over alsmost four days of constand listening "out of the box" harshness went away and SERENE settled well into the system. Highly reccomeded!

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

The first impressions are very positive . Very open, smoother, warmer and wider soundstage. compared to my Hegel.

ACSS Cables are easily one of the most important pieces of any studio... View

Very impressive cables, better details and bigger and deeper soundstage than my £ 6k xlr cables, Thank you.
Thore Medhus

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

I was nervous of buying from abroad (without an audition ) and having no dealers here in the UK but Jos ,after a few emails ,at Magna hifi assured me it was an easy and safe process. He was right ,it was just like buying online in uk . Service from Magna hifi was excellent.
First impressions of HoloAudio spring dac level 3.
It's heavy,very well built and looks superb with the copper buttons and side plates.
Anybody who says that bits are bits and all dacs sound the same is wrong. There was a noticeable improvement in the sound of my streamer being played through this dac including sound stage and imaging. But it was when I used my little used (I now stream most of my music) and budget cd player as transport and the Spring 3 as a dac that the difference was massive . Doing a/b comparisons with the dac in the cd player and the Spring 3 the improvement was not subtle and sounded like a huge upgrade . The fact that I spent next 5 weeks listening to all my cds again and hearing things I've never heard before says it all . Streaming didn't get a look in.
Any cons ? The remote ,which is also well made ,has copper buttons which rattle when you move it . I don't know why this irritates me but it does for some reason. Other that minor thing the Spring 3 is perfect as was service from Jos at Magna.
5 stars, if you can afford it buy it with confidence.
Terry jull

The Singxer SU-6 is a new generation of USB interface developed by... View

The Singxer su6 tagled your equipment up to a much higher level. Especially if you're playing with a Nucleus, Nuc or Rhein z1 you certainly have to meet this sensational SU6 . Stronly recommended i’ve you like timing; rythm and refined heights. I’ts you’re number One choice.

This new DAC “Spring3” is the design that has been very popular... View

Device performance is over my initial estimate.
Actually, it is a new level of sound that I didn’t hear anytime before.
Excellent level of definition of instruments, easy to recognise with sound stage, especially when I am listening to classic and jazz. Vocal sounds natural and gentle.
FARAD - Super3 Power Supply
FARAD - Super3 Power Supply February 18, 2022

The Farad Super3 Power Supply is a double regulated 3A super capacitor... View

The farad super3 has arrived and the effect
in my Linn system is impressive.
Incredible how great the effect is with optimized electric current