Modification Process

After placing an order we will confirm delivery date and if applicable instructions where to send your equipment to. You will receive an email within a few days including payment details. All work we do is done with professional (solder) equipment and we have both over 15 years of experience in this area. The components are often very small so called SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) and this requires special equipment to solder measure and test the modification. Each modified device will get a duration test for at least 12 hours before we sent it back to you.

Order process Dutch
  1. When we received your device we will confirm per email and ask you to do the payment.
  2. Normally modification takes 2-3 working days including testing. When ready we confirm you the track & trace information
  3. If you sent your device for modification please exclude all cables and accessories, preferred in original packaging.
  4. Every device will first be tested before we start modifying it..