Holo Audio Bliss has arrived!

New Holo Audio Bliss has arrived!

Bliss is a fully discrete high-end headphone amplifier.

We can take orders now.

Bliss is form factor as serene, or spring3 etc… Same chassis size.
It’s got three outputs for headphones… 4pin xlr, 4.4mm pentaconn, and 1/4.
It has 12 watts @32ohms as a power spec to give an idea. More info will follow at a later date.
Pure class A.
Fully balanced from end to end.

The KTE (Kitsune) model has similar upgrades like the Serene has:
Flat wire transformer, silver iec input wiring and Faston connectors, Holo Audio RED Nano fuse, audio note kasei caps, KTE badging.

* NEW *
3.890,-   ( 3.214,88 excl. VAT)
* NEW *
3.390,-   ( 2.801,65 excl. VAT)

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