Mano ULTRA mkIII Farad Music Streamer (High-Res)

1.295,-   ( 1.070,25 excl. VAT)

The Mano Ultra mk3 Farad music streamer is the ultimate streaming endpoint for your high-end DAC. It has optimised re-clocking circuit, clock stability and the well known and rewarded Farad super3 power supply.

It’s not a case of throwing in some premium components and expect instant succes. They need to work in harmony to get an optimal result. It all starts with a clear concept of goals, how to achieve them, and painstaking testing: by measurements and by many hours of listening.

Independent test users concluded Mano ULTRA mk3 have more natural, silkier highs, mids sounds richer and fuller and more layered and placed lows. More complex music pieces are easier to follow due to better resolution. Voices are better pronounced.

Mano mk3 supports  RCA or BNC SPDIF or AES/EBU and IIS HDMI digital outputs. IIS allows the DAC to derive ultra low jitter synchronous timing of the serial data that will be set up for transmission. Two femto ultra low jitter clocks, Crystek 957 series, are applied for extremely detailed signal handling and exact timing.

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