Mano ULTRA mkIIA Music Streamer (High-Res)

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See also the renewed Mano ULTRA MK3 version with FARAD Super3 PSU!

The Mano Ultra mkIIA is the ultimate streaming endpoint for your high-end DAC. It has optimised re-clocking circuit, clock stability and a Class-A tuned power supply. Furutech and S3 Supreme fuse upgrades are included.

Mano ULTRA mkIIA and mkII are in fact identical. Except for the enclosure. The MKIIA has a slimmer and closed housing (without cooling holes). 

Finished with a beautiful HiFi-Tuning Supreme³ Silver Fuse Furutech IEC Inlet

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Select your software option. Please note you can change it at any time, free images available for download and no additional costs.
  • Logitech Media Software supports local USB, NAS playback. Streaming Services; Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify and Deezer. Android & iOS App.
  • ROON bridge ready (Requires Roon Server in your network) 
  • Volumio music player (UPNP/DLNA, Airplay, Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect and Web-Radios)
  • MoOde™ audio player (Supports Airplay, Spotify, Squeezelite, RoonBridge)
Get the most out of your Mano ULTRA mk3 with upgrades for the power inlet and fuse. The Quantum Science Audio Blue and Synergistic Research Purple fuses add more 'live' and PRAT to the overall performance.
Most common digital output is the RCA S/PDif output. A BNC (highest 75 Ohm accuracy) and even a balanced AES/EBU 110 Ohm output are also available. All three perform at an equal level. The DAC itself decides which one sounds best!
Only required when using the I2S HDMI interface. A standard HDMI cable or you chose the excellent AQ Pearl HDMI cable.
The Pink Faun LAN isolator provides galvanic isolation between the Mano ULTRA mk3 and the network. This without loss of speed. Once the audio device has been assigned with an IP address and is active, the LAN isolator has a positive effect on the overall sound quality.
Farad AC power cable consisting of 20 fold 20 AWG tin-plated copper wire, externally shielded and configured to achieve minimal inductance and resistance, and maximum capacitance. Terminated with high-quality gold-plated connectors. A very cost-effective upgrade to the Farad power supply or any other part of your system.
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